Ask Noah is a weekly podcast hosted by Noah and Steve where they answer questions from listeners about all things Linux and self-hosting

Chris and Mike talk about whats going on with Mike's software firm, and other things that involve technoledgy.

I'm not sure if we should be expecting any new episodes, but Command Line Heroes was a great show where Saron Yitbarek would interview past and current developers to talk about software development.

Jack Rhysider (not his real name) interviews pen testers and hackers to uncover their minds, and how they were able to commit big hacks.

Jupiter Broadcasting has been around for over a decade, and every week Chris, Wes, and Brent sit down and talk about Linux.

A weekly podcast where Josh and Kurt talk about open source and security.

If you're in to running mobile linux on your phone, the postmarketOS podcast talks about the development going on with postmarketOS.

Michael Bazzell hosts the podcast without ads to advertize his books on security and OSINT at It's a great show to get tips on how to improve your privacy online.

Steve and Leo talk about the latest security vulnerabilties and major hacks.

It's a bit more goofy than the other shows. They talk about all sorts of stuff related to tech.