A Picture Book of some of the Apps on Mobile Linux

This is a non-exhaustive list of the Apps I’ve been using on my Mobile Linux device.


Bavarder works with many of the AI chat bots. Unfortunately, I am out of storage on my phone, so I haven’t been able to try Llama.cpp yet.


The weather app looks like a professional mobile app.

Web Browsing:

This is the desktop version of Firefox with a mobile configuration. Audio and video work just fine. It’s plenty performant on my oneplus6 device.


In addition to using the web browser, I am also using Plasma Tube to view youtube videos. With it, I can subscribe without having to log in to a youtube account. Freetube also works great.


For audiobooks, I am using the app ‘Cozy.’ It works well enough, and I have zero issues.


I am using ‘Kasts’ for my podcast app. I have it synced to my Nextcloud account using the gpodder app, so that I can sync podcasts between my laptop and phone.


I use two apps for music. The first is Lollypop, and the second is Elisa. They’re both great.


No pictures here. VLC works the best, and Clapper works pretty well, but sometimes has issues when it comes to syncing.


Foliate works pretty great as an EBook reader.


Newsflash is a gtk4-rs app created by the Gnome community. Again, I sync it to my Nextcloud account.

File Sync:

Unfortunately, Nextcloud doesn’t work great out of the box on mobile linux. I will be writing a future blog post on how to set up file syncing with the Nextcloud app.

Password Manager:

For the password manager, I am using gnome-passwordsafe, otherwise known as Secrets.


What I miss most coming from a mainstream mobile device such as Android or IOS are the games. Fortunately, there are a few on the Mobile Linux ecosystem that are quite playable. Aisleriot is a collection of card games, such as FreeCell and solitaire. There is also gnome-2048 and gnome-chess. One of the sweetest things I have found when using mobile Linux is that I can also add the NYT Mini crossword puzzle to my home screen, as well as Wordle when I have the browser, Angelfish, installed.

Aisleriot - A collection of card games

Gnome 2048

Gnome Chess

NYT Connections


NYT Mini Daily Crossword


I am cheating here, because I still use the Mastodon web app, but Tokodon has come a long way, and is very close to being useable. Unfortunately, the app does crash often.


The Mastodon Web App.


We don’t have a great Matrix client, yet. Neochat, and Fluffychat come close.

Software Store:

I usually use the command line to install software, because that is what I feel most comfortable with, but the Gnome Software store has a nice UI.


This is the only app listed here that I don’t use, because I don’t yet use mobile linux as a daily driver for phone calls, but I just think it’s neat.